Sonja Lusignan Professional Corporation,

Barrister and Solicitor

Sonja has been practicing family law exclusively since 2005. Her office is at Calgary Family Law Associates, an association of Barristers * Solicitors * Mediators in Calgary’s beltline.

Her philosophy for law is simple: if you can empower clients and provide them with information, resources, and support their choices, clients’ goals become more clearly defined and attainable. She’s found this particularly helpful in family law.

Sonja’s experience in both Collaborative and Traditional Negotiation as well as Litigation / Arbitration and Mediation allows her to give her clients the best chance at finding the optimal approach for them.

With advanced training in Collaborative Practice and a strong belief that family law is about family, not Courtrooms, Sonja aims to settle most matters in the least emotionally damaging way – out of Court.

However, she recognizes that sometimes mediation / negotiation is not appropriate, and is entirely comfortable as a litigator.

Sonja Lusignan, Bachelor of Education (University of Calgary), Bachelor of Laws (University of Alberta)

Sonja practices exclusively in the area of Family and Child Protection law. She was called to the Alberta bar in 2005.

Experienced with:

  • Divorce Act and Family Law Act Court applications, both in Provincial Family Court, the Court of Queen’s Bench, and the Court of Appeal.
  • Separation Agreements;
  • Cohabitation Agreements;
  • Property Agreements;
  • Child Support Claims;
  • Spousal Support Claims;
  • Enforcement of Parenting Time applications;
  • Mobility applications;
  • Parenting and Custody applications;
  • Guardianship applications;
  • Restraining Orders and Emergency Protection Orders;
  • Responding to applications made by Children’s Services (Child Welfare) – for Supervision Orders, Temporary Guardianship Orders,
  • Permanent Guardianship Orders;
  • Representing Foster Parents in guardianship applications or disputes with Children’s Services;
  • Representing children in custody applications, and in applications by Children’s Services.

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • Law Society of Alberta
  • Canadian Bar Association, Child Welfare Section, Co-Chair and Co-Founder
  • Canadian Bar Association, Family Law Section, Member
  • Legal Representation of Children and Youth, Roster Lawyer
  • Association of Collaborative Lawyers
  • Association of Family and Conciliatory Courts.
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