Here are tips for surviving an often stressful holiday, especially for newly separated families…

  • Make sure you and your ex are on the best terms possible. That means not speaking badly of your ex in front of your children, even if you think they’re out of earshot.
  • Try to do exchanges in person and share a laugh and smile with your ex, for the sake of the children. Children are very sensitive and can feel an adult’s anxiety and anger.
  • Establish “new” traditions, while trying to keep some old one.
  • Make sure you and your ex have a clear understanding of what the parenting time schedule will be during the holidays. If your child is old enough to understand a calendar, use one and prepare them for transitions.
  • Understand your children may grieve – they have lost something in the divorce too.
  • Stay supportive of their visit with your ex. If you need to vent about your ex, do it with another adult, outside of the house.