The Parenting After Separation Program is a free program or course that all separated parents in Alberta with children under the age of 16 must take. It is offered in person in Calgary at the Calgary Courts Centre for a six hour block of time on a Saturday or two 3 hour blocks of time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Starting in 2015, people now have the opportunity to take the course on-line. Here is the link for the on-line course:

The course is redesigned and focuses on how to communicate with your partner about your children in a respectful, business-like relationship. It will also focus on children and their development and how parental conflict can negatively affect children’s mental health.

There are additional free courses that are organized by Alberta Justice that can help you effectively communicate with your partner and if you feel like your relationship with your partner is high conflict, there is a further three hour course that you can take to try to reduce the conflict.

Once you have finished taking this course, you will get a bright yellow Certificate of Attendance. Please give that Certificate of Attendance to me and I will file it with the Calgary Courts Centre. You will not get an original back as it stays in the court file.