Child Support

Child support in Canada is generally straightforward. The amount to be paid is in accordance with the child support tables determined by the Federal and Provincial Government.

However, often the following issues arise, and professional advice is often useful:

  • What is each parent’s “guideline” income? This is especially important to look at carefully if a person is self-employed, as their Line 150 income from their Notice of Assessment may not be a very accurate number to use for a support calculation.
  • Who will provide medical and dental coverage for the children?
  • What are reasonable “Section 7” expenses for this family? (Eg. Daycare, summer camp, orthodontic expenses.)
  • How can this family maximize tax credits and deductions?
  • Will the child support be secured by life insurance?

Child support is an important issue that needs to be resolved at an early stage of separation, at least on a temporary basis. All child support orders must have a “standard” Maintenance Enforcement of Alberta clause.