Parenting, Children, Child Development

  1. Parenting Plan Checklist
    AFCC Ontario Guide and Template
  2. Parenting After Separation Course
  3. Parenting After Separation Manual
  4. Alberta Family Wellness Initiative – The Core Story of Brain Development

Child Welfare, Foster Parents

  1. Request for Administrative Review of a Director’s Decision Form
  2. Child Welfare Policy Manual
  3. Alberta Foster and Kinship Association
  4. To have counsel appointed for an infant, child, or youth in a child welfare matter
  5. Guardianship Applications


Government of Alberta Links

  1. Alberta Justice Department
    Describes the programs and services provided by Alberta Justice
  2. Community and Social Services
    Offers a range of programs and services for children and families
  3. Family and Social Supports
    Assists low income Albertans, including those on income assistance and student finance, to set up child support orders or agreements
  4. Office of the Child and Youth Advocate of Alberta
    Advocates who speak for children and youth receiving services under the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act and the Protection of Sexually Exploited Children Act. The service also provides lawyers for children, where required, in these types of matters.
  5. Child Support Services


Government of Canada Links

  1. Canada’s Court System
    Information about the court system in Canada
  2. Family Law
    Information from the Department of Justice about family law matters
  3. Taxes
    Information and forms relating to income taxes in Canada
  4. Recommended consent letter for children travelling abroad
    Consent Letter for children travelling without both parents
  5. International Child Abduction: A Manual for Parents
    What to do if your child is removed from your custody in Canada without your permission
  6. Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines; the Revised User’s Guide
    Proposes a formula for calculation of spousal support amounts
  7. Divorce Law in Canada
    Reviews the current law in Canada and looks at possible changes
  8. Divorced or Separated: Splitting Canada Pension Plan credits
    Information about splitting Canada Pension Plan credits when separating

Child Support

  1. Federal Child Support Table
  2. Maintenance Enforcement – debtor forms and creditor forms
  3. Recalculation Program



  1. Child Support Calculator
  2. Spousal Support Calculator
  3. Alberta Courts website


Resources for Families

  1. Alberta Family Mediation Society
    Find a mediator or parenting coordinator
  2. ADR Institute of Alberta
    Information on mediation and arbitration
  3. Family Mediation Canada
    Find a mediator
  4. Centre for Public Legal Information Alberta
    Plain language information about many laws in Alberta
  5. Because Life Goes On…helping children and youth live with separation and divorce
    Information for parents to help children
  6. What Happens Next?
    Information for kids about separation and divorce.
  7. Family Matters TV
    Online talk show featuring Manitoba’s Judge Brownstone
  8. Canada Revenue Agency – Child and Family Benefits
    For child benefit information
  9. Service Alberta
    For inquiries regarding becoming a parent, getting married, adoption, change of name process, obtaining a marriage certificate


Resources for Victims of Family Violence

  1. Family Violence Prevention Resources
    List of resources in Alberta
  2. Connect
    A Calgary agency that provides telephone assistance to those affected by family or sexual abuse and referrals to appropriate service providers
  3. WillowNet
    Information for those in a violent intimate relationship. Learn about Canadian laws and issues relating to immigrant women in abusive relationships
  4. Alberta SPCA
    Because family violence can include abuse of family pets
  5. John Howard Society of Alberta
    Information about the criminal justice system and resources for those affected by crime
  6. RCMP